About Me

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a whole bunch of other things, including a software developer. I love people and get energized by being around groups of friends, especially family which holds a dear place in my heart. I believe we all have a drive to create in some manner, and my favorite flavor from as long as I can remember is building stuff, from mechanical to electrical. Mostly satisfying this, my occupation is in business applications where most of a project’s expense is in maintenance. This leads me to heavily favor abstraction-based dependencies. I also like working on my truck, home improvements, and landscaping, which gives me the ability to be a bit more artistic than work allows, but I believe creativity is important everywhere. I’m also fascinated by pretty much every aspect of creation, from botany to astronomy. And whereas this blog is intended for me to organize and evaluate all the software-related ideas I get in my head, this may involve drawing analogies with everything else under the sun, which really hasn’t changed.


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